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Semper Fi Chauffeur

          Exclusive and Safe Luxury Transportation

Lake Pleasant RV Park


Maple Grove RV Resort 

To the Cruise Lines in Seattle for 2 people

$85.00 each way

Tip, Tax, Tolls & Traffic Violations included!

Add $15.00 for 3-6 people

To Seattle-Tacoma Airport for 2 people

$85.00 each way

Tip, Tax, Tolls & Traffic Violations are NOT included!

Add $15.00 for 3-6 people

Please call for availability, Cruise season is hectic and I am a small company trying to accommodate as many as possible!

*** Here is the process for a successful trip:

I can pick you up from the RV Park Storage areas usually from 10:30-11:30am (Any earlier and we will run into the masses of people still getting off the ship).

It is about 24-29 miles depending on the route we take.

Traffic is different on weekend days and weekdays. Lot's of patience on my part. You get to sit and relax, prepare yourselves for your cruise.

Pickup on the return depends on your status on the ship, usually between 8:00am and 9:30am. Text/Call/Email your Chauffeur when you get your luggage.

Sit back, relax and share your Cruise adventure with your driver on the trip back to the RV Park.